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About CNMCO, our Organization and its Origin:
CNMCO is the Canadian Natural Medicine Corporation of Ontario.

As a Non-Profit Organization, we are incorporated under the Act permitted under section 129 to pass by laws dealing with matters of internal governance of the corporation, including by-laws to regulate the admission of persons and unincorporated associations as members and the qualifications of the conditions of membership.

The CNMCO is a Complementary, Alternative and Holistic health institution established to set standards in the areas of education and service in the field.

The highest quality of education in complementary, alternative, and holistic medicine promotes the highest quality of practitioners. The CNMCO philosophy of health care maintains that every human is entitled to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, not only the absence of illness.
The CNMCO holds that education of its members and the general public is a fundamental element to attaining wellness, making informed choices and active participation in one own health.
The CNMCO vision and purpose have been greatly inspired by the Constitution of the World Health Organization advocating peoples rights to the highest standards of education and health care.

-To protect the mutual interests of the general public and CNMCO members.
-To promote public education and awareness of complementary, alternative and holistic medicine, allowing the general public to make informed choices and actively participate in the improvement of health.
-To provide complementary, alternative and holistic service to the general public for the enjoyment of health and wellness, a fundamental right of every human being.
-To promote and protect the interests and conserve the rights of those engaged in Natural Medicine and Incidental Businesses.
-To support persons engaged in the practice and study of complementary, alternative and holistic medicine.
-To promote the maintenance and improvement of the qualifications and standards of the Natural Medicine practice.
-To promote uniformity in usage and custom.
-To provide education and training in Natural Medicine and related topics.
-To encourage ongoing professional education for members through scientific research, teaching methodology and faculty development.
-To promote the maintenance and improvement of the qualifications and standards of the Natural Medicine practice.
-To ensure all complementary and alternative medical institutions, offering botanical education follow the highest standards in safety and effectiveness, based on a scientific database providing students with information about all known adverse reactions, side effects, nutrient depletion and the recommended dosages and administration.


  565 Wilson Ave.

  Unit W114

  Toronto On. M3H0C6


Herbal Medicine
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